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Pangu Team Members

Pangu Team

Pangu team members are all security researchers from China.
We are fresh man to iOS jailbreak community compared with other famous team like evad3rs.
But we aim to develop free untether jailbreak for people all around the world.
Pangu jailbreak is the first one we released and it will not be the last one.

Pangu Team Member: @dm557 @windknown @modikr @tb557 @zengbanxian

The name Pangu (or Pan Gu) comes from Chinese mythology. Daoist legends of creation refer to Pangu as the first living being and the creator of the universe.

Pangu App Now Lets You Install Cydia, Updated Jailbreak Utility Will Be Available for free in 24 Hours. The Pangu app that is installed after jailbreaking iOS 9, iOS 8, iOS 7 has been updated with the ability to install Cydia for those who already jailbroke using using version 1.0.x of the application.

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